Koen naar een congres in Antwerpen.

Youth 2.0
On March 20th – 22nd 2013, UCSIA is organizing ‘Youth 2.0: Connecting, Sharing and Empowering? Affordances, Uses and Risks of Social Media’, an international, multidisciplinary scientific workshop at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. 
This two-day workshop will investigate a number of relevant questions related to children’s, adolescents’ and  emerging adults’ use of social media in general and social network sites in particular. 
This international meeting consists of keynote lectures, presentations in parallel sessions and debates by senior and junior scholars. The aim is to offer scholars a platform to present their research and exchange thoughts about their research findings. 
The event is centered around four main themes: ‘identity construction’, ‘social relations’, ‘interests at stake’ and ‘supporting and empowering’. 

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