11 apr. 2014

The Siege of Grave: in 1586 werd er al gestreden om de macht in Grave!!!

Siege of Grave (1586)

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The Siege of Grave, also known as the Capture of Grave of 1586, took place from mid-February – June 7, 1586, at GraveDuchy of Brabant,Low Countries (present-day the 
North Brabant, the Netherlands), between the Spanish army led 
by Governor-General Don Alexander Farnese, Prince of Parma
and the Dutch-States and English forces under the Governor of Grave, 
the Baron Peter van Hemart, during the Eighty Years' War and 
In early spring of 1586, the Count Peter Ernst of Mansfeld, by order 
of Alexander Farnese, laid siege to the town of Grave.[3][4] 
After little more than a month, and the impossibility of 
the English and Dutch forces for relieving the city, Grave 
 surrendered to the Spaniards on June 7.[1][2] The capture 
of the strategically important town of Grave by Parma, 
and the impotence of the English commander Sir Robert Dudley, 
Earl of Leicester, to relieve the town, in a time where England 
had raised hopes to the Dutch rebels thanks to the Treaty of Nonsuch
was a complete military and political success for the Spanish authorities, 
and a severe blow for the Protestant cause, provoking the start 
of the disagreements of the States-General of the Netherlands with 
the Earl of Leicester.[1][2][5]
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